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Tired of doing boring workouts alone?
Workouts are way more fun together! 

Our purpose is to pass on empowering knowledge and training guidance in order to have a positive impact on the health and fitness of everyone we work with in the Harbor area.

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Tired of wasting time – not getting results?

Because life is too short for time wasted in the gym working out alone, at CrossFit Grays Harbor, you become part of a strong tribe of like-minded individuals encouraging each other and winning at life.
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Tired of Not Having a Solid Plan?


Our primary focus at CrossFit Grays Harbor is guidance and structure. Life is full of long work days and everyday challenges that keep us from getting what we really want – to be in great shape, be confident, and for your body to do what you ask of it.

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What you do outside of the gym matters just as much as inside. Get our guide on the Top 6 Free Health Apps to help you manage sleep, stress, nutrition and travel.

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