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Daniel coach at CrossFit Grays Harbor




– CF – L-1, L-2
– Burgener Strength Weightlifting L- 1.
– 2023 Wodapoolza Judge
– Precision Nutrition Level 1.  –

Precision Nutrition Sleep, Stress, and Recovery Coach.

My CrossFit journey began in my 40s, sitting on my couch with a bag of Taco Bell, flipping through the television stopping on the CrossFit Games. I was amazed at what these athletes could do, but I thought it was something I would like to try. I threw the rest of my food in the trash and walked into my first CrossFit Box the next day for my foundations class. I drank the Kool-Aid from day 1. I grew up liking sports but never excelling at any. I began working out at a young age, doing the standard globo gym path of back and biceps, chest and triceps etc. I went from high school directly into the Marine Corps. After my time in the Corps, I continued my gym routine and eating junk. Only when I found CrossFit did I find a bit of the competition and camaraderie that I was missing. CrossFit has been life-changing for me. I started coaching and found a real passion for it. Being a part of a person’s life-changing journey is one of the most rewarding feelings possible. Nothing is better than coaching a person to accomplish what they thought they could never do. There is no “I can’t” only “I presently struggle with.” When my wife and I got the privilege and opportunity to take over and own CrossFit Grays Harbor, we jumped at the chance to take the baton and push forward. Our passion to help others on their journey through fitness and nutrition is what we hold in the highest regard. Allow us to help you in your journey. I am walking proof that if I can do it, anyone can. Come see us and Level up your life!!!




Specialties: CrossFit Skill Developer.

CrossFit has changed my life completely. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about three years now. I was a very different person then. I love CrossFit because it changed my life, and it can change yours. It changed my life by becoming more disciplined and more self-aware of what I eat and the different activities I do outside of CrossFit. It helped me believe in myself and that I can do things I set my mind to. I have a passion for helping people improve their lives, and with patience and compassion, I get the privilege to coach people at their level and watch them flourish. When I found CrossFit, I got that same competitive feeling as before. CrossFit is and will always be my Sport for Life! My goal is to help every person be better, not just physically but mentally. Helping them change their mindset from “I don’t know if I can do that !” to “Yes, I can, and I will!!” I like to push people a little bit out of their comfort zone. Just as I push myself. I have been able to turn my life around, and I am honored to take part and help others do the same. As a gym, we want this to be the best hour of your day.




Specialties: AMRAP Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Coach.

I grew up in Colombia, moved to the US in 2009 with my 9-year-old son, acquired US citizenship in 2013, graduated from Tacoma Community College in 2016 with an Associate’s degree in arts and science, and graduated in 2022 from Capella University with a Bachelor’s in Business/Human Resources Management. My mother has been my main inspiration. She was a teacher back in Colombia; and taught me the importance of compassion, kindness, respect, gratitude, tenacity, and hard work. Following her steps, I have always performed jobs serving the public in my community. I am passionate about helping others. I believe there is no bigger reward than making a difference in someone’s life. I love staying active; keeping moving and challenging myself has helped me with my physical and mental fitness. I tried every sport back in school, and as an adult, I was a Zumba instructor, swimming instructor, and water aerobics instructor. I practiced jiu jitsu and boot camp but never lifted weights. I was introduced to CrossFit by my husband. We were dating back then, and he later confessed he would not keep dating me if I did not like it, but I got hooked on CrossFit, and he had no choice but to marry me later. In 2020, My husband, son, and I decided to become Level One, CrossFit Coaches. Our love for the sport and people made us a great team who is now helping others through fitness. The three of us share the drive to bring people to join CrossFit because we have experienced and witnessed what this community can do for people and how it changes lives. Our paths have not been easy, as it hasn’t been for everyone. We all struggle in one way or another, and the CrossFit family has been inspirational to evolve, grow, and flourish. With this community, you are not alone. I am blessed to be able to support others and help them in their progress, but what I love the most is introducing new members to CrossFit and showing them a way to modify every WOD so they can see everything they are able to do. I love to show people that their limitations are in their minds and not in their aerobic capacity, skills, and mobility issues. I love how CrossFit helps to improve health and builds mental strength, discipline, and character. We all can reach our goals with hard work and determination. We can improve ourselves by at least 1% every day. We are who we choose to be. “No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. ‘Make level paths for your feet,’ so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.” (Hebrews 12:11-13)




My name is Isarai Thieme, and I’m humbled by the opportunity I’ve had to coach at Crossfit Grays Harbor for the last few years. I’d wanted to do some sort of Health/Fitness coaching before I found Crossfit, but I didn’t know which direction to go. Growing up not playing or even watching sports, I never understood why people got so excited about them, and I never thought I’d love a sport like I love Crossfit. And why I do is a whole other story for another day.

Thankfully, as was my original plan, I didn’t wait until I mastered all the movements before I started coaching. Otherwise, I still wouldn’t have started to share/help provide it for the people around me. Since then, I’ve learned that we’ll never be “there.” We’ll always have more to learn, more room to improve, and more areas we find that our weak spots were hiding in, ones we didn’t even know we had. And that’s part of the beauty of it. The process changes us in a way that today there’s something new and incredible that wasn’t there yesterday. Talk about exciting; there’s enough variety to keep it from getting repetitive. Never a dull moment when there’s change involved.

You don’t get to a place where you are so fit and healthy that you no longer need to take care of your body. So it’s more about learning to embrace the process, the day in and day out of what it looks like to take care of our health, and celebrating the small wins; than about lifting X amount of pounds, getting to a certain weight, or being able to do a certain movement.

And Yes! We all want to do those. They are great goals and fantastic achievements, and take a moment to celebrate when you achieve them. Then keep going because they are not the destination, just a fun, sometimes necessary stop along the way. In other words, they are a byproduct of the process. So the more you focus on refining those habits that affect your fitness and health (your nutrition, sleep, mindset, effort, and intention you put into your workout, time for mobility and accessories, etc.), the sooner and more sustainably you’ll reach those benchmarks. Periodically, we have to look at our daily habits and see if they align with the direction we want to go. Make the necessary adjustments.

Is there risk involved? Yes, to anything worthwhile while, there is risk involved. There is risk in going out of your house, driving a car, or even getting up off the couch, but there is also, as I see it, an even bigger risk in doing nothing, even though it might not be as obvious. And there are many ways you can mitigate the amount of risk involved. Like a safe driver, you’re far less likely to get in an accident than a reckless driver. I am convinced that the benefits of good health and fitness outweigh the possibility of risk.

As a coach, I believe in order to most safely progress, athletes, especially beginners, need to build a strong base in any movement before pushing the envelope in that area. For example, get good at step-ups before you go to box jumps, and then once you get good at those step-ups, GO for those box jumps.

My goal is to have everyone be able to get a good workout in, wherever you’re at, on the slider of beginner to advanced. Whether that means simplifying movements so that beginner athletes can keep moving through a workout, encouraging intermediate athletes to try those heavier dumbbells or go for those box jumps, or pushing Advanced athletes to go unbroken or push the pace a little harder, sometimes, it means having athletes scale it back a bit to maintain the stimulus, work on technique, or give an injury time to recover. No matter what level you’re at, whether it’s your first day or you’ve been doing it for years, your body deserves a solid, challenging workout.

I want to encourage everyone that it’s better to show up and get a workout in even when you’re not at your best, or you have to switch out one or even all the movements, rather than skipping because you didn’t feel on your A game or knew that you weren’t yet able to do half the movements as prescribed (RX). Because the hard days are the ones that count the most. Anyone can do it when it’s easy, but doing what’s good, even hard, builds character. If you give up every time it gets hard, you miss many growth opportunities. And those movements that make you want to skip are the areas where you have the most room for improvement (physically and/or mentally). So when setbacks come, sometimes out of our control, I exhort you not to let them take you out. When you fall on the path and skin your knee, get back up, brush off, and keep climbing uphill, one foot in front of the other. And when you have extra energy, sprint up that hill or grab somebody else’ hand, who’s on the path, and pull them along with you.

Give it your best effort today in such a way that you’ll be better tomorrow.

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